Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okonomiyaki from Kevin at Closet Cooking

If you want to see the most delectable, drool-inducing food photo you've ever seen...take a look at Kevin's Okonomiyaki. I'd never heard of a "Japanese pancake," but as soon as I saw his photo, I knew I had to make it.

This dish is pretty easy to prepare...not a lot of ingredients required, and it cooks quickly. I did have a little trouble maneuvering the pan around so I could flip the pancake (which is made mostly of cabbage and other vegetables), but I think it just takes practice. I made two versions: one with turkey bacon and one vegetarian. I have to say, the bacon version won hands down over the veggie.

I have sort of an aversion to mayonnaise, but I decided to try a little bit anyway for the sauce. I mixed some low-fat sour cream with Worchester and about a TB of mayonnaise. And you know was still too mayonnaise-y for me. So next time I'll have to figure out a different sauce. Any ideas?

Anyway, in spite of the mayo, I really liked this! It's definitely a healthy and unique meal and I would recommend it! :)


Adam said...

ooh! this is so up my alley. cabbage and veggies are my everyday meal so I am always looking for new ways to make this. SO trying this once I get home.

As for a sauce. I mix light sour scream with lemon juice (to thin it out) and whatever fresh herbs I have arounf (basil and italian parsley usually) -- really clean tasting and compliments so many types of dishes!

beautiful pictures as always!

jordan said...

Thanks sweetie! Yes you will like it then!

That sounds good! Sounds much much better than mayonnaise...I will try it!

<3 <3 <3

Kevin said...

Your okonomiyaki looks great! I like the sound of the sour cream, lemon and herb sauce as well.

jordan said...

Thanks Kevin, I couldn't make mine as lovely as yours but I tried! I love your blog!

kris_tea said...

First, this looks fantastic, Jordan. Not to mention, I am so impressed with your photography skills. We so need to go on a photo adventure sometime & you can teach me some of your tricks.

Second, this is so funny, but I just found Kevin's blog the other day while reading random cooking blogs. I am so addicted to them right now.

Alejandro Galaviz said...

I won't eat this!!! :)

jordan said...

Aw, thanks Kristy! I would love to go on a photo adventure! ;) Kevin's blog is awesome, isn't it!