Sunday, March 8, 2009

My first shot at Quinoa

I've never made or tasted quinoa, and I've never made tofu before...thankfully this recipe is really hard to screw up. Of course I got it here from 101 Cookbooks, which, if you couldn't tell, I am slightly obsessed with.

Quinoa (I think it's pronounced KEE-no-uh?) is a whole-grain that's sort of a mix between barley and couscous. It turned out similar to the fried couscous we made the other day...but I think I prefer this recipe. It has a deep, velvety flavor because of the pesto, the olive oil, and the pumpkin seeds.

I substituted peas for corn, but other than that I followed the recipe word for word. The tofu was ridiculously easy to cook up. In general, this recipe requires a bit of preparation but that's the perfect meal for a Sunday afternoon.

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Jill said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this meal. Glad I got to eat some!