Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cookie dough Brownies made with pumpkin

Ok...let me preface this by saying - this concoction is not health food in any way. This is not a 100-calorie pack. This is not breakfast. This is not what you eat for energy before a workout. However, even though this isn't healthy, this is an example of taking a ludicrously indulgent recipe and making it a little more healthy than it was.

So with that disclaimer, here are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Basically, in the original recipe, you take chocolate chip cookie dough, and you pour it onto brownie batter, and bake it all together as one glorious pan of chocolatey goo.

Now, here's where the slight adjustment comes in. I knew this recipe would have a plethora of calories, so I decided to soften the blow a little bit, by replacing the brownie batter with Hungry Girl's Yum Yum Brownie Muffin mix. Instead of brownie mix, get a box of devil's food cake mix, and stir in a can of pure pumpkin. And there's your batter. Don't add eggs or oil.

After that, I followed the recipe as is. The change of the brownie batter took off about 100 calories, and in the end, I cut each piece in 2 to make smaller portions, bringing the total to about 200 calories per brownie.

I find it laughable that Betty Crocker lists this recipe as having 48 servings. I ended up with about 26 pieces. (The brownie pictured is a double serving...imagine it cut in half.)

Anyway, these are delicious. Fortunately, we were able to pawn them off on some willing bystanders, so there's not many left in the house to tempt us.


Jill said...

You beat me to it! LOL! I have been daydreaming a lot about this recipe. Did it taste strange with the pumpkin? I make the hungrygirl brownies all the time but I still can detect pumpkin.

caity said...


lol they look awesome,But now I am craving like 5 of them !

PaniniKathy said...

Oh man, those look incredible! I never would have guessed they were healthy. The pumpkin trick sounds like a good one!

Julie said...

Delicious. Um, I did have one for breakfast. But I had it with a bowl of plain oatmeal. Does that make it healthy?

larkygal said...

Those gems look gooey and delicious! Din know that u can just substitute those awful fat with pumpkin puree! Sure looks like a good way to stop those naughty brownie cravings :)

Mandy said...

yummy, I want to make some! Oh wait I am too lazy to go to the grocery store today...adding it to my list though ;)

apparentlyjessy said...

I tried this too, soooo good, but it made me feel sooo bad to eat it! I found you cause I saw your blog name, my Dad used to tell me that rhyme all the time. You do some great recipes :)

Alejandro Galaviz said...

made this on valentine's day... i gained on weigh in day.. go figure. it's your fault! :)