Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bananaberry crumble

Upside-Down Bananaberry Crumble from Hungry Girl
140 calories for half recipe

The Hungry Girl site doesn't have the recipe listed, but basically it's chopped up bananas and strawberries, mixed with Splenda, rum extract and cornstarch; covered in crushed graham crackers, and baked.

Of course, mine is not upside down. I did make a few changes to the recipe, mainly that I used part Sweet-n-Low and part regular sugar because we didn't have Splenda. I also used frozen strawberries instead of fresh.

I think it was a little more gushy rather than crispy because of the extra liquid from the frozen berries. But still pretty good. This would be good with some Cool Whip but we didn't have any.


Justin said...

this looks too good to be good for me. i guess that's the idea.

jordan said...

Exactly! Hehe... :)