Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Frozen yogurt and chile relleno casserole

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt from David Lebovitz
1/2 c for 127 calories

Chile Relleno Casserole from
6 servings for 288 calories each

I first tasted Pinkberry frozen yogurt when my family visited Hollywood two summers ago. Since then we have tried to find a frozen yogurt that is comparable. The frozen yogurt with berries at Central Market comes pretty close. Well then I found this recipe, and this is the closest thing yet.

I will definitely make this again, and double it, because there was not enough to go around with 7 people. I will use a little less sugar next time. We topped ours with white chocolate chips, but pretty much any fruit, nut, or chocolate topping will taste good with this yogurt.

The chile relleno casserole was a recipe that I found randomly, when I was looking for tips on how to make a low-calorie chile relleno. (Although it's made from a very large chile, at Mexican restaurants it's usually stuffed brimming, overflowing with cheese....and usually has at least 600 calories.) I've never heard of but this recipe was good, so I might look to see if they have other tantalizing recipes.


Jill said...

That frozen yogurt was the yummiest best ever! I need a tub of that in my fridge at all times. I'd eat that casserole again as well. Matt didn't seem to like it but he doesn't like meatless food or chili rellenos.

Cheryl Keller Recipes said...

That chile relleno casserole looks so so good, gona have to make it. cheryl