Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chicken Coconut Stew

This is very tasty. I love it. It's a healthy chicken stew with coconut milk, curry, and vegetables in it. Kind of like an Indian pot roast. I found it here.

I also found a recipe for Lemony Lentils in the newspaper the other day. There's a similar recipe on Recipezaar here. They were good and very lemony, but they're actually too filling to go with the stew. I imagined they would be lighter. They should be served with something light or be used as a main dish. The newspaper article suggested serving them with a falafel wrap, which I'm sure would be good, I love falafel. Since we have a lot left over I might make a lentil soup this week. (Tada: I just found a recipe for lemony lentil soup here.


larkygal said...

I've always wanted to make curries.. but i do not have the ingredients to do so (cos mum will nag at me for buying the condiments). Anyway, to make it healthier and reduce the calories without compromising the taste, you can actually substitute the coconut with low fat milk instead. That's what my mum does ;)

noble pig said...

The lemony lentils sound wonderful! I think I would like that combo.